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#BlueHats 🧢

Lutece Translation Hackathon

The City of Paris invite you to participate in the first ever Lutece Translation Hackathon, lasting one week – commencing the 16th of October, a #BlueHats events.

As Lutece is already in use across various administration, the project team is looking to extend the possibility for more people to reuse it in their own language. This first Hackathon will focus on the core of Lutece, to create the vocabulary basis to then extend translation with the help of AI.

As this project will focus on translation towards Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German, and more, we especially believe the OSOR community could be helpful to other fellow open source users and developer. For this no need to know French, Lutece is already translated in English.

The kick-off will be on Monday October 16th at 10am CET where a virtual multi-city session will help you understand the work to be validated and individual permissions will be given to contributors. The link to the online event will be sent once you are registered. The Lutece team will hold office hours to help you connect with the Lutece development and project management teams.

The outcomes of the Hackathon will be presented and reviewed at an in-person forum with the European Commission, in November. The most active translators or Founding Translators will be invited to participate in this event, which will include a discussion about the use of AI in language and code translation. The most effective hackathon contributors will be awarded Lutece / CiteLibre / Paris2024 commendations at the event and recognized online.

You can register for the hackathon by sending the Lutece team a message here.

Documentation for contributing your translations online can be found here.